What is E3: The Happiness Series?

  • 10 weeks - 10 Steps to Increase your happiness, permanently
  • Backed by research from the field of Positive Psychology, learn how to be happier with these 10 simple steps
  • Practical applications for busy people trying to keep up with a 'just in time' world

Who should take this course?
  • Anyone who would like to develop tools they can use to be happier
  • Business leaders, professionals, parents, athletes, small business owners, entrepreneurs, people going through a stressful period in their life
  • Especially useful for those whose energy or mood impacts others

When is the course offered?
  • Classes starting Monthly - email randi@paradigm-shift.ca to reserve a spot in our next class
  • Choose one (1) of three (3) available times
    • Mondays @ noon
    • Mondays @ 8pm
    • Fridays @ 10am

What do I invest to increase my Happiness?
  • The course will be offered in 2013 for $700 + HST
  • Register for our 2012 classes and receive a discount of 50% for the cost of $350 + HST.
  • Bring a friend and receive a further 10% off when your friend's registration is confirmed with payment!

How do I enroll? Registration is simple:
  • Click on the Paypal icon

  • Submit payment of $395.50 ($350 + HST)
  • Send your contact information to: so that we can send you the course materials
  • If you don't wish to use Paypal, please mail a cheque to:

    Paradigm Shift
    6918 Gracefield Drive
    Mississauga, ON L5N 6T9

    Or Use Interact Email Money Transfer to send $395.50 to

Your enrollment will be confirmed once your payment is received.


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