"Randi is an intelligent and highly motivated individual who knows how to bring the best out of each individual. In my opinion she's a remarkable leader and coach who helped guide me to achieve my own professional and personal goals."
- K. Mistry, CMA, Markham, ON

"With Randi's support, we were able to successfully achieve our corporate goals."
- K. Shinh, CMA, London UK

"Motivating is a big part of what I do best as a leader. Over the past five years, I have faced a lot of challenge and adversity in my life. Through the coaching experience that Randi provided, I am feeling more like my natural self and as a result, much more effective and relaxed at the same time. Randi is an intelligent, thoughtful, reality-based coach who understands real business needs and the demands of leadership."
- Business Leader, GlaxoSmithKline

"Randi's assistance in shifting perspectives was pivotal in our sessions. She shed new light into challenges that brought me out of the 'muck of it' and into the 'moving through it" stage. Her strength helped me adopt new attitudes on several issues and reinforced my belief in the positive possibilities ahead of me."
- Transformation Coach, Traverse City, MI

"After working with Randi, I now have the ability to evaluate who I am, where I was and where I want to go."
- HR Consultant, Toronto, ON

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